Synthesis PFR lime kiln PLUS POINTS

QualiCal identified the PFR, Parallel Flow Regenerative technology, as the best for the CALCINATION in vertical lime kilns and for this reason we implemented this technology in the very original design of the Synthesis® TWIN SHAFT LIME KILN.

QualiCal® is proposing Synthesis® as an original design, and represents the ultimate…


QualiCal showreel 2021

Covid-19 crisis is changing our businesses and society in important ways, Companies should consider what this crisis changes and what they’ve learned so they can reflect them in their plans.


Hydrogen is the future, not yet the present

“Society needs to move away from all fossil fuels as quickly as possible, and truly green hydrogen — produced by electrolysis generated from renewable electricity — can play an important role. Blue hydrogen, instead, provides no benefit.”- …

The true digital transformation in LIME domain

Like many catchphrases, digital transformation can mean many things to many people. So what makes for a true digital transformation?

Every successful digital transformation has the following three elements:

  • A new customer experience
    Most companies want to deliver an incredible customer experience. …


JSW Steel Ltd awarded a contract to QualiCal International Srl in Oct 2016 for 1 x 600 tpd Digital Limekiln operating within MOSAICO digital workspace and the plant was successfully commissioned in June 2018.

“The Final Acceptance Certificate for this kiln is issued in July 2021 after experiencing the successful…

QualiCUBE modular solution

QualiCal team in co-operation with Bergmann Kalk Team successfully completed the commissioning of the brand new 10tph QualHYDRO hydrator, and signed the Final Acceptance Certificate in accordance with the achieved Performance Parameters.

QualiCUBE modules

QualiHYDRO and QualiCube Module includes all the machines and equipment required for quicklime hydration process.

Machines, equipment, pipes and fittings are mechanically pre-assembled in QualiCal® workshop. Motors and field instrumentation are electrically connected to the electric board; the cables are located in conduits provided for this purpose. No load test of the circuit is conducted before the delivery.

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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.

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